image2The academic program at Boys’ State will have multiple components – general education, electives, mini-courses and municipalities scenarios.

General Educations

On a number of occasions throughout the week, there will be lectures intended for all. These will deal with topics of general interest, including state and local government, the electoral process and the national political scene.


There will be three elective courses: Economics, Government and Law, which will meet five times throughout the week. These will be traditional lecture courses, not unlike those that are conducted at college. Read more about electives at Boys State.

Mini Courses

There will be a number of Mini-Courses offered beginning on Monday afternoon. Note that during the same time period when Mini-Courses are held, the legislature will meet. Therefore, no one who is elected to either the House or the Senate can take a Mini-Course. These topics will vary and will provide a much greater opportunity for discussion than is the case with general education or electives. Read more about mini courses at Boys State.

Municipality Scenarios

Throughout the week of Boys State, each municipality has its own unique municipal scenarios and general education scenarios students need to discuss and address.